Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thar She Blows!

Have you ever seen a sea monster? Well if you're anything like me then the answer will be "No. No I haven’t". As I'm constantly reminded however not everyone is like me, and there are some folks around who claim to have spied the odd wee beastie here and there.

Well if that's you then the Association of Marine Research would like to hear from you. Specifically if you spotted a critter splashing about in the English channel. I mean obviously if you've seen a big duck or something then they probably won't want to hear about that. Unless it was a 50ft duck of course. But then if there was a 50ft duck doing the rounds I'm almost certain it would have been documented by now. I mean it's quack alone would be pretty damn loud.

Anyway if you think you've come across some woovy bezerk creature doing it's thing then pop over to and tell them about it. Even if you haven't give it a look anyway. Because, you know, sea monsters are cool right?

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