Thursday, 18 June 2009

And so the global economic crisis claims it's latest victim, breaking the hearts of millions - thousands - hundreds - five Australian women in the process.

I'm in a funny mood today. I don't know why. Maybe it's because there was guest column written by yours truly published on Generation Minus One yesterday. Maybe it's because I just read an article in this weeks Jennifer Anniston Weekly National Enquirer telling me that George Clooney has hired a pet psychic to contact his dead pig (Gee Note: Why did George Clooney have a pet pig? I mean the guy's loaded. If he wants an unusual pet he should get a Giraffe or something. That would be a great ice-breaker in a singles bar. "Hi I'm George Clooney. Would you like to come back to my place and see my Giraffe?"). Maybe it's because earlier on I walked past a man who was beating a bush with a stick for no apparent reason.

Or maybe it's because I've spent the last three nights watching consecutive episodes of "Beyond with James Van Praagh".

For those not familiar with "Beyond" it's a daytime television show that originally ran between 2002 and 2003. Since then it has been endlessly replayed on low budget cable TV channels the world over. It's hosted by Van Praagh (Gee Note: If you say his last name out loud it sounds a bit like the tiger impression I do when I think no-one else is around), a psychic who looks like the illegitimate love child of Nintendo's Mario and Rock 'n' Roll legend Little Richard. The programme takes the standard format for all medium shows where Van Praagh conducts readings for a live audience combined with a handful of pre-chosen guests.

What got me hooked on the programme was the first of those pre-chosen guest segments I saw. A warring family consisting of two sisters and their step mother hoped to contact the deceased patriarch of their motley crew in order to stop the feuding. Which isn't very interesting. What is interesting is that Daddy dearest met his demise at the hands, or fins I guess, of a whale (Gee Note: After which his family sued the ass off of SeaWorld. Nah I'm just kidding. The dude was a fisherman or something).

Anyway it turns out that despite the best efforts of James and "Dad", the family fight wasn't settled. Neither was it explained how exactly he managed to come a cropper by a large sea faring mammal. Still it did lead to the sisters turning on the step mother during the post reading interview so I guess it wasn't a total loss entertainment wise.

Despite this inauspicious start to his television career it may surprise you to learn that Van Praagh is currently kind of a big deal in the small screen world. And it's all thanks to a show called Ghost Whisperer. A drama dealing with the everyday life of your average medium, it currently airs on the CBS network and is gearing up for it's fifth season this coming September. Van Praagh was heavily involved in the development of the show and is credited as it's executive producer.

Sadly, despite the fact that it's all kinds of woovy bezerk paranormal, I find it hard to like Ghost Whisperer. It's all a bit too cosy for my liking. I don't know, I guess I like my television psychics to be tormented and twitchy, not bright and bubbly.

Still on the upside it does have the insanely gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt (Gee Note: Or as she is known, the future ex Mrs. Davies) as it's star. Now THERE is a woman who has it all. She's good looking, charming, talented, and is a member of a satanic cult that goes around planting electronic devices in to people's brains in order to control their thoughts and movements. What's not to love?

What? Oh, the satanic cult thing. Right.

Meet Diana Napolis. Born in 1955 in La Mesa, California she lives in San Diego where she worked as child protection worker, holding that position until 1996. It was around that time she started posting allegations of satanic ritual abuse - or SRA for short - online under the pseudonym "Curio". Now SRA became exceedingly prominent in the 1980's, largely due to media sensationalism when reporting child abuse cases. The idea was that in every city and town across the United States, a large underground movement that worshipped the Devil was simply itching to get it's hands on your child. A panic spread through American suburbs like a bush fire, with parents asking themselves questions such as "Are we sure we want to let our little Jimmy spend the night at his friends house? I mean really, how well do we know the Thompsons?". The religious right, unable to resist the temptation to cause mass hysteria, jumped all over it and it was heavily pushed as the next big thing to fear. (Gee Note: You know like Bird Flu. Which didn't turn out to be all that bad. Or Swine Flu. Which didn't turn out to be all that bad. Or British Beef. Which… well you can see where this is going).

Alas by the time the mid 90's rolled around the wheels had fallen off the SRA bandwagon. After extensive research, law enforcement experts and psychologists all pretty much agreed that Satanic cults of such a massive scale simply didn't exist. Phew, sighed America, we can now sleep safely at night.

Diana Napolis never gave up the cause however, and became convinced that something evil was going on behind closed doors. She set her sights on various prominent local figures, as well as those who had been outspoken against SRA in the media. Folks like Carol Hopkins, a local school administrator who had criticised social workers for taking children out of their homes for no reason. Or Elizabeth Loftus, a psychology professor who had suggested that leading questions from investigators could have planted false memories in younger victims. Napolis claimed that these and others were part of a vicious conspiracy to hide the truth about SRA from the public at large. She even went as far as to call Hopkins a member of the Illuminati (Gee Note: You know if you are a member of the Illuminati and all you've got from it is a "School Administrator" position then, um, maybe you might want to think about joining another group. You know one that isn't run by 9 ft tall shape shifting alien lizards. The Masons perhaps? I mean outside of that business with Jack the Ripper, they seem like an ok bunch of guys). According to Napolis, it was people like these that had caused any number of children to be used for sick and twisted activities.

This lasted until the year 2000 when Napolis, who in an effort to conceal her identity had been using public computers and libraries with which to submit her accusations, was caught in the act by San Diego State University Security using one of their online labs. Despite a mountain of libellous claims against her name, amazingly no charges were filed against Napolis. The groups and individuals targeted felt a lot safer knowing that their harasser was a bonkers middle aged woman however.

And here's where it gets fascinating.

In October 2001 Oscar winning movie maker and Hollywood power player Steven Spielberg filed an injunction against a stalker. This individual had been making unsolicited phone calls to Spielberg claiming that he was the leader of a Satanic cult that had it's HQ in his own basement. This person also claimed that they had been abducted by Spielberg and had a microchip implanted in their brain called "Soulcatcher" which was used to control her thoughts and bodily functions. Spielberg, quite understandably freaked out by all of this, went to court and got a restraining order against the stalker preventing them from coming within 150 meters of him or his family. Upon the conclusion of the judges decision his lawyer read out a statement on behalf of Spielberg:

"To state the obvious, I am not involved with any form of manipulating [the stalker's] mind or body through remote technology or otherwise." (Gee Note: Notice he didn't deny being a member of an evil Satanic cult? Hey, I'm just saying. Perhaps being too busy sacrificing goats and what not is the reason the dude hasn't made a decent movie for the past 15 years).

"But who was this mystery stalker?" I hear you cry. Well, in a twist I'm pretty sure none of you will have seen coming, her name is… Diana Napolis.

I know. I'll give you a minute to get your breath back.

Probably thinking that she had bitten off more than she could chew with the powerful and bearded Spielberg, Napolis switched her attack to the less powerful but infinitely better looking Jennifer Love Hewitt. Thinking that Hewitt had in some way also been involved with embedding a piece of hi-tec kit in her cranium, she decided that a more personal touch was required. Therefore when in July 2002 Hewitt was scheduled for a radio interview in San Diego, Napolis had the good sense to greet her outside with a "verbal confrontation". A scuffle then broke out between Napolis and Hewitt's mother Pat (Gee Note: I don't what I like best. That Jennifer takes her mum to interviews with her or that my future mother-in-law is willing to throw down at the drop of a hat).

Fast forward a couple of months to the night of the Grammy Awards. As Jennifer was entering the theatre a frantic Napolis was in the crowd shouting "Murderer! Killer! Skankhole, you are killing me!" (Gee Note: They must have been wearing the same dress. Ooooh. Awkward).

Finally things came to a head in October. Napolis sent an email to the webmaster of a Jennifer Love Hewitt internet fan site. The webmaster, a guy name Jim Allen Max, opened his inbox to find a “personal note” to Hewitt that read "I plan to kill you at the first opportunity to do so and I hope you die a torturous death.”. She then addressed Max directly with a charming "Jim, I'm quite serious, this is really a death threat. I want you to report it to the police or FBI because this is an Internet crime. I plan on firing a gun at her heart and not missing. The reason for that is she is torturing me. I am in extreme physical pain."

Now Max, being an astute sort of chap, took one look at this and promptly called the FBI. The FBI, being astute sorts of chaps, took one look at this and promptly went “Holy shit! This lady’s crazy!”. And so they arrested her. Napolis was charged with six felonies relating to the harassment of Hewitt. However thinking that she was as nutty as a fruitcake, the judge decided to confine Napolis to Patton State Hospital until she was deemed mentally competent to stand trial.

In what, quite frankly, is a bizarre decision Patton State concluded after five months that while Napolis was barking, she was also fit enough for the court. After entering a guilty plea Napolis was given five years probation, and was also ordered to keep taking her medication. Oh and to stay off the internet.

In a completely unrelated note. Here’s an extract from Diana Napolis’s blog.

Updated June 12 2009


(Gee Note: Update - Between the time it took to start and finish writing this post the above section was removed from Napolis website. Which makes me very glad I took the time to copy and paste it. Go me.)

I was placed in an illegal Cybertronics program which included experiments in Robotization, Computer-Brain Interface, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. After I was used as a science project without my consent, this same technology was used to take the interior of my body apart in an experiment to see if these Quantum-computers could demanifest natural bodily codes or barriers, including the astral body. On several occasions Locklin placed me in a “field” of some type for purposes of harassment which caused my spine and jaw to move back and forth in a fluid motion. There were several successful attempts to destroy my mind. Afterwards they subliminally progamed my subconscious and superconscious with a word association program so that I would think the opposite of my intention. For instance, when I intended to think a word like “go,” it would come out as "stop".

In 2002, shortly after I was targeted and victimized by obscure quantum computer technology which makes it possible for synthetic telepathy to occur, I purposely wrote a "threat" to Jennifer Hewitt after my perpetrators made me believe that she was involved, and after "she" maliciously abused me and in fact did me considerable physical damage. At one time, I had metaphysical phenomenon surrounding me and the person imitating her was very jealous of this fact.

My perpetrators, and "Hewitt," eventually said they were going to irrevocably injure me so I had myself placed in the custody of law enforcement for my own protection. I spent a year in jail and was monitored by probation for 5 years. Because my perpetrators caused me endless trouble while I was on probation, I requested and was granted an early release in mid 2008.

On May 11, 2008 representatives from the FBI and District Attorney’s office visited my home and warned me that Jim Mix, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s web master, had made a "threat" against me. I am somewhat confused as to why Jennifer Hewitt’s people would be involved since until 3 days ago I did not mention her on this web page. I hope that Ms. Hewitt and those that surround her will continue to be law abiding as I have reason to be concerned for my safety.

(Gee Note: Despite the initial ruling Napolis was allowed back on to the interwebz last year. Because, you know, she might have changed right? No wonder Hewitt looks like she put on a bit of weight recently. That’s not over eating. That’s protection).

So here we go again. And really at this point we only have two choices. Either to believe Napolis. Or to hope to God she gets the help she needs.

Now if you’ll excuse I’m off to practice sleeping while wearing a motorcycle helmet. Just in case… you know… when me and Jen are married… she falls in to old habits.


Naveed said...

Well um...if they successfully destroyed her mind how is she able to write sentences? Shouldn't she be sitting in a chair, drooling a big puddle onto the floor, and staring into infinity? It seems to me that if the government "successfully" destroyed her mind, they have real lousy mind destroying tech...that or she's crazy, which is more likely...

Plus I really think if the government wanted to destroy someone's mind...they'd pull it off...

Jae said...

You know, having worked in customer service for such a very long time, I have learnt one thing: these people are not just out there.... they are pretty common.

Let's hope Napolis does get some sort of help, and if that doesn't work gets sent to hospital to keep her out of trouble.

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