Friday, 19 March 2010

Dinner's over, worm dude.

I find it hard to care about Lady Gaga.

For example were she to wake up tomorrow and decide that her best possible course of action would be to go all Whoopi Goldberg on us and join a nunnery, I don’t think I’ll miss her.

It’s not that I dislike her you understand. It’s just I find her insanely tedious. For a start (Gee Note: And by saying this I realise I have just become my own father) her records all pretty much sound the same. Rhythmic chorus, electronic fiddly bit, some vocal manipulation, and we’re done. Secondly, all that wacky costume stuff that her publicist claims is Gaga letting her creativity flow is starting to get very old, very quickly. I mean it would be one thing if they were honest and said “Yeah, you know when Lady Gaga is wearing a dress made from PVC designed to look like a cross between the Eiffel Tower and a large pile of vomit? Well, she just does that to get attention. Honestly, she doesn’t really enjoy looking like a mong.”. Instead we get, “Ooooh my that Gaga has such a unique sense of style. She’s soooo crazy.”. Well, no. No she isn’t. For a start her own unique sense of style must be a newly discovered one, as this video of a pre-famous Gaga will attest to.

Also, real crazy people don’t walk around wearing a green traffic cone on their head. Nuh uh Jack, real crazy people look normal and keep the decapitated head of their cat in the freezer.

You see the problem is that if you strip away all the bells and whistles, what your left with is someone who is painfully ordinary. Gaga doesn’t have the sex appeal to be this generation’s Madonna. She doesn’t have the talent to be an icon like Janis or Aretha. And, with a personality as dull as dishwater, she can’t even fill the void left in the tabloids now that Britney has been locked up in a cupboard somewhere with a bucket of fish heads and a copy of the Reader’s Digest (Gee Note: That‘s what you do when someone‘s had a nervous breakdown right? Right?). In essence Gaga is, well, simply not that interesting

It turns out though that I may have misjudged New York City’s finest. You see according to an email sent to me by the lovely Jenny from Gen-1, it turns out that Gaga may have something worth talking about after all.

Meet The Vigilant Citizen. According to the bio on their website they claim they are a “mystic pizza Christian” who believes that the world is controlled by a secret society known as the Illuminati. Therefore they have dedicated an entire blog to routing out the various “symbols” found in everyday media, supposedly used by this nefarious group to manipulate average Joes in to doing their bidding. With the recent release of the new Lady Gaga music video for the song “Telephone”, The Vigilant Citizen went to town.

What follows is The Vigilant Citizen’s slightly edited post regarding said music video. Enjoy.


The Hidden Meaning of the Song

When I first heard Telephone on the radio, I thought the song was about Lady Gaga receiving phone calls from an annoying dude while she’s out in a club (Gee Note: Possibly because, and brace yourself for this, the song is actually about… Lady Gaga receiving phone calls from an annoying dude while she’s out in a club. Wow. I know right? You got it spot on in your first attempt. You must be, like, a genius or something. Either that or you listened to the lyrics. One of the two). I could already picture a video of Gaga on a dance floor not answering her cellphone. I’ve imagined this video because I was interpreting the song at its face value and going by its literal meaning, like most people do. Akerlund’s video has however infused a second, deeper meaning to the song, giving it an entirely new dimension. In an interview with E! Online, Gaga herself explained this fact:

“There was this really amazing quality in ‘Paparazzi,’ where it kind of had this pure pop music quality but at the same time it was a commentary on fame culture. In its own way, even at certain points working with Jonas Åkerlund, the director of both videos really achieved this high art quality in the way that it was shot. I wanted to do the same thing with this video—take a decidedly pop song, which on the surface has a quite shallow meaning, and turn it into something deeper.”

What is never stated, however, is that this “deeper meaning” found in Gaga’s video relates to mind control, a covert practice used by the military, the CIA, religious cults and the Illuminati elite. It is used to program human beings to become mental slaves and to execute specific tasks. In Paparazzi, Gaga plays the role of a mind-controlled slave who was “programmed” to poison and kill her boyfriend (Gee Note: Hmmm are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure the video I saw had Lady Gaga kill her boyfriend because the Paparazzi were no longer paying attention to her. I mean a mindless drone wouldn't become enraged by a photo of the new "It Girl" surely? Unless of course you mean all those mindless drones with anger management issues).

Telephone is a continuation of this story, where Gaga goes to jail for her crime. In the video, the “telephone” is a metaphor for Gaga’s brain and the fact that she is not answering that phone (her brain) means that she has “dissociated” from reality (Gee Note: Dude, you should see the way she dresses). Dissociation is the ultimate goal of Monarch mind control. It is induced by traumatizing events, such as electroshock therapy or torture, to force the victim to dissociate from reality. This enables the handlers to create in the victim an alter personality that can be programmed to perform various tasks, such as carrying out an assassination.

"Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and blah blah blah (Gee Note: This section has been edited due to crimes against being interesting)."

- Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D (Gee Note: Who sounds like she would be a riot at a dinner party)., The Relationship Between Mind Control Programming and Ritual Abuse.

Gaga’s brain as a non-answering telephone is represented in two separate occasions during the video:

Gaga’s head is the telephone. She is not answering that phone, which is symbolic of her dissociative mind state (Gee Note: Which would be a perfectly valid argument if the picture you chose to prove your point didn't feature Lady Gaga TALKING IN TO THE F***ING RECIEVER. Now I don't know about you but if I really wanted to not answer a phone, I wouldn't pick it up. You know it really is that simple when you think about it).

The telephone receiver is made out of hair and covers her left eye, representing Illuminati mind control (Gee Note: How does that represent Illuminati mind control? Or am I missing something. Do they control you by telephones? You know like in The Matrix? Man I hate that movie. Actually that's not true. I really enjoyed the first one. It's just the following two movies were so lifeless and pretentious I really gave up caring. Also how is Keanu Reaves still unable to act after all these years? When your best performance by a mile is Evil Robot Ted in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, something's not right).

So in the context of the video, the telephone is Gaga’s mind and the dance club is representative of her dissociative state, the “magical place” mind-controlled slaves are trained to escape to during traumatic events (Gee Note: Or, to put it another way, the dance club is Godzilla, and the telephone is Japan. Maybe. I don't know).

“Hello, hello, baby (Gee Note: Hi)
I have got no service (Gee Note: How did you answer the phone then? I don't think you're telling me the truth here).
in the club, you say, say
Wha-Wha-What did you say, huh? (Gee Note: I TOLD YOU. PEACOCK. DEAD. FRONT DOOR. JEEZ)
You’re breaking up on me (Gee Note: No I'm breaking up with you. It's not you, it's me. Actually no. It's totally you. I mean who wants a dead peacock as a present? See the thing is my mum warned me about you and I was all like "No you don't understand. She's a lovely woman.". But now I'm lugging around a deceased bird getting strange looks from people I've never met. You know I don't like being silently judged. DAMN YOU GAGA!)
Sorry, I cannot hear you,
I’m kinda busy.
K-kinda busy
K-kinda busy
Sorry, I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy.”

By “kinda busy”, Gaga means she (Gee Note: Really has to get her dance on?) has dissociated from reality. Real life is calling her brain but she “has no service”, she’s not there. The chorus pretty much epitomizes this concept.

“Stop callin’, stop callin’,
I don’t wanna think anymore! (Gee Note: A lobotomy would sort that out lickety-split)
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor. (Gee Note: You might wanna go back and get those)
Stop callin’, stop callin,
I don’t wanna talk anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.”

Gaga is not thinking or talking for herself anymore, her head and her heart have been dissociated from her core personality due to Monarch programming (Gee Note: Monarch? You mean like that guy from The Venture Bros.? “Please. How stupid do I look to you? World Domination. I'll leave that to the religious nuts or the Republicans, thank you.”. Ahahahahahaha. Awesome)

Video Analysis

The video is a Quentin Tarentino-esque short film which is heavily inspired by Thelma and Louise and peppered with tons of product placements and transvestites. That surely wasn’t the video I was picturing when I first heard that song. From the comments I’ve read, the video left many fans confused about its meaning. This is quite understandable, knowing that most viewers have no idea what the song is really about. When the hidden “mind control” meaning is brought to light, the symbolism of the video becomes evident and the storyline becomes more coherent. I will now attempt to go through the many symbolic scenes of the video and explain their occult meaning. Here’s the video:

(Gee Note: By the way, this video could be considered NSFW. It depends where you work I suppose. For example if your sitting in an office right now you might not want to have it playing if your boss is peering over your shoulder. On the other hand if you ply your trade in a brothel, go nuts I guess.)

The video starts with Gaga entering the “Prison for Bitches” (Gee Note: Formerly the St. Lucy‘s Hospital for Hedgehog‘s). So, yeah, I know, she addressed that hermaphrodite rumour and many think it was the most hilarious thing ever. I’ve never really cared about those gossipy rumours so I won’t elaborate on them (Gee Note: Awwwww. Spoilsport).

In the prison yard, Gaga walks around chained up and wearing sunglasses made of lit cigarettes (Gee Note: That‘s the thing about prison. Gotta make do with what you can get). Gaga then sits down and “gets busy” with a weird-looking inmate, but is interrupted by a phone call. She seems to be enjoying a special status in the jail … maybe due to the fact that she is a slave only obeying orders … and that she is needed again (Gee Note: Or maybe due to the fact that, like, she‘s the star of the video and so therefore they want to make her look as good as possible? I'm just sayin').

Gaga is then bailed out by Beyoncé and leaves prison. Inside the car, Gaga and Beyoncé engage into a highly dissociative conversation. It basically sounds like dialogue between two mind-controlled slaves. The phrase “Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it’s broke but you can still see the crack in the motherf***er’s reflection” can refer to a cheating boyfriend and can also refer to the permanent damage caused by the fragmenting of one’s personality in mind control (Gee Note: It can also refer to how difficult it is to fix a cracked mirror. Seriously I speak with experience here. It’s all fiddling with adhesive and stuff, and before you know it you’ve glued your fingers to the coffee table).

The dynamic duo (Gee Note: Nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur nur BATMAN!) then enters an all-American, good ol’-fashioned diner. Beyoncé meets with probably the biggest douche in the universe (Gee Note: Ah don’t sell yourself short man) (played by Tyrese Gibson) and proceeds to poison him. At this point, Gaga comes out of the kitchen with poisoned honey and serves it to the customers.

Gaga stares blankly (the way a dissociated mind-controlled assassin would stare) (Gee Note: Or because Gaga is a really bad actress) while Tyrese eats the poison The mass murder begins … people eat up Gaga’s poisoned honey and die. Does this represent the Illuminati elite poisoning the masses with toxic media? (Gee Note: No.)

The entire clientele of the all-American diner gets poisoned and dies. You might have noticed the emphasis on “bees” and “honey” during the entire video. Gaga calls Beyoncé “Honey Bee”. She also serves poisoned honey to the diner’s customers. What does this signify? Beyoncé and Gaga’s poisonous honey is actually their music and videos, which are served to the general public through mass media. You can figure out the rest. (Gee Note: So what you’re saying is Keyser Soze is… Stephen Baldwin? Wait. Hang on. I’m lost.)

While the customers are agonizing and dying, Beyoncé puts on the Mickey Mouse sunglasses, the same glasses worn by Gaga in Paparazzi while killing her boyfriend. In both videos, the singers wore the glasses during the killings, hinting to the fact that they are programmed to execute the poisonings. As stated in previous articles, Mickey Mouse ears or designs often occultly refer to mind control , probably because Disney films were known to be used on MK slaves during their programming (Gee Note: Well, of course Disney are evil. Have you seen “Inspector Gadget”? That thing was made purely to torture people or my name isn’t Gareth Danger Excitement Rhys Ninjaskillz Davies).

Gaga and Beyoncé finally flee the crime scene. Gaga is then shown in front of the Pussy Wagon wearing a leopard-print suit, a reference to “sex kitten” programming (Gee Note: Either that or she likes hunting big game. Dude. Gaga the Hunter. That’s a reality TV series waiting to happen).

BETA. Referred to as “sexual” programming. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions (Gee Note: Where do I sign up?). “Cat” alters may come out at this level.

-Ron Patton, Project Monarch

In the final scene, Gaga and Beyoncé prance around wearing dresses by Emilie Pirlot. Beyoncé’s black dress and the veils hint to the ritualistic nature of the murders (Gee Note: See and I thought Gaga was wearing a wedding dress. My mistake I guess. Unless of course you regularly attend weddings in which all the guests are poisoned. In which case, you may want to think about changing the caterer next time.).

In Conclusion

Telephone is yet another Lady Gaga product permeated with references to mind control and Illuminati symbolism. Gaga’s “commentary” on today’s youth is certainly not a positive one. The video basically says: America is ready to eat any poisonous crap the elite serves them, and that is accomplished through controlled puppets (Gee Note: Either that or people in diners really like them some honey). I will now pre-address comments I’m bound to receive:

“How is Lady Gaga mind controlling me? I’m not feeling controlled to do anything”

I am not saying that Gaga is controlling your mind. I’m saying her video is ABOUT mind control. This disturbing theme keeps reoccurring in pop music. (Gee Note: Which, and here’s, the thing, is a bit redundant don’t you agree? I mean if I was a secret society trying to control the population then I wouldn’t want a big neon sign above my door saying “JUST SO YOU KNOW. I’M TRYING TO TAKE OVER YOUR BRAIN!!!”. I mean why would the Illuminati advertise their activities anyway? Just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it?)

“She is doing it on purpose to piss you off”

I heard this comment when Bad Romance came out and after her Grammy performance, where her hype man alluded to her “mind-controlling music”. As much as I would like to believe that I’ve got that much influence on today’s biggest star, I highly doubt that Gaga, her staff, her video directors and her record label with its millions of dollars would concentrate all of their creative efforts to piss off one blogger (Gee Note: Especially considering she‘s probably never heard of you). The truth is: She was doing this before this site was even online and she keeps doing it now. Her works, like the works of many other pop stars, are part of a greater agenda. It used to focus on exposing the youth to materialism and sexual promiscuity, but it has now expanded to occult symbolism, mind control and transhumanism.

Am I reaching you or is your telephone busy? (Gee Note: Oh. I see what you did there. Word play. Nice.)


Now of course this is all bobbins. But it never fails to amaze me that folks continue to be so desperate to believe, they’ll find “evidence” in places where none is to be found. Because the truth is “Telephone” has about as much to do with “mind control” as Dora The Explorer has to do with exposing the underbelly of illegally trafficking sex workers. Unfortunately The Vigilant Citizen has confused something that is a ham fisted attempt to be “daring”, and applied an intelligent design to it that simply doesn’t ring true. Because, really, if The Illuminati were this clumsy and ludicrous then they wouldn’t be able to run a second hand bookstore, let alone the entire globe.

Unless of course I’m simply saying this to throw you off the scent. See that’s how we Illuminati work. All cloak and daggers and such.

Wait. Have I said too much? Damn.

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