Thursday, 20 May 2010

Crank up the gramaphone.

If you watch as many B-Movies as I do, you know the drill. Mad scientist driven by his own ego messes with things that should have been left alone, which causes a chain reaction that leads to the release of an unspeakable horror upon the world.

Anyway what started out as a drunken dare has resulted in me recording a podcast for this here blog-ama-thing. This may be the only one I ever do so grab it while it's there.

The there in question by the way is:

For all you flash bastards who can use their iPods without swearing at them, you can also subscribe to it using this feed:

So yeah. Good luck I guess.


So, it turns out that I'm nowhere near competent enough to post a podcast, let alone record one. Sigh. Listen kids learn from my mistakes. Never ever attempt to do something like this while watching a "documentary" on breast enlargements.

Anyway apparently I can embed the goddam thing right here. And so I have. Ta daaaaa. It's like magic.

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